Jyp no dating rule Park Jin-young talks about JYP dating ban

Jyp no dating rule

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I have been always curious to know if inside JYP Nation something happened between them. Mar 16, Messages: What do you mean by your last sentence about JYP Nation?

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One such worry was dating, in which Nayeon not only made no dating rule most individuals in her age bracket think about, but it is an issue for her too given her three-year ban on dating. I wonder if it started again with Got7, but the way Jackson phrase it, it's more of a promise not to date than an outright ban. I understand where some of them are coming from to be honest.

I had to decrease it down to 3 years. These people, no matter how "manufactured" they appear - are people.

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I've always known them as JackJi. Which is why Sana says that they're allowed to have a 'some' relationship. Then, if they want to date later on in life, cool.

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Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link. Sep 27, Messages: Mar 5, Messages: Welcome to our community. Because of this situation, the K-pop industry specifically entertainment labels were investigated on how they treat their talent.

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Nov 1, Messages: I feel like the dating ban was placed in the company again over how young GOT7 and the groups to debut are, because miss A themselves said during their debut days that they didn't have a dating ban. I do see the necessity of a dating ban because they agency may want them to focus on their debut or whatever so yeah But then in this Chinese interview at Dec 10, Messages: And it dating online for 17 year olds relieve some of the immense stress they get put under as idols I guess: You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

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For those who are unfamiliar with slave contracts, they are ridiculously long-term contracts signed by K-pop idols. Jul 28, Messages:

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