Dating a 23 year old virgin Am I a 23 year old virgin loser?

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Your ability to please her will depend on your willingless to listen to what she wants, and do it how she tells you without getting your feelings hurt.

Even try interacting with girls you know like close friends or family and you will know how to act around girls and at first always have a confident wingman even if your not trying to pick up a girl just in case.

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Some are virginal for far more unfortunate reasons. Any amount has its advantages. Are you an Anglican?

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Eventually women will walk up to you and be like "what's the occasion? This will get you comfortable around women and you'll learn what makes them tick.

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Nobody wants to date the slut. Original post by falloutboyyy Explains a lot. I think any girl would love to date somebody like you, I know that I would.

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What advice would you give to a 15 year old? It hookup to relationship means that you have standards and understand there is more to a relationship than just the physical stuff. There is absolutely nothing wrong with casual sex, and if you dislike it then tough shit. Umm, you sure about that?

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Here's the situation, I'm 23 and I've never had sex. They may feel guilty taking your virginity, unless they're "virginity collectors".

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There isn't anything wrong with a guy being a virgin at your age. I wouldn't care, but I'd want to know, so I can be more forgiving of lack of skill due to inexperience.

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If you're as sweet as you sound, I think you'll find someone.