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Conn saxophone serial dating

One sided bell keys.

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The number is the serial number. In this example a 14M Bass saxophone.

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Eb This is the type of saxophone: X Rolled tone holes. The title is really a misnomer, because for the most part I will assume here that you can distinguish an alto saxophone from a tenor saxophone.

This is a name that is rarely if ever used in conn circles as far as I am aware, but it is what Conn called them through at least Conn didn't have a model called the "Transitional". The "Standard" models are those with one-sided bell keys. This line consists of two parts: The "New Invention" is an official Conn model name, produced between and I saxophone serial know what feature that would be for. T This is the type of saxophone: New Wonder I and II.

Conn Saxophone Serial Number List

For all intents and purposes it appears to be a fancy "Wonder" model, differing only in finish and engraving. These were either New Wonder models or "Standard" models. Also, this only includes the "mainstream" models and omits models such as the "New Invention" or "Connqueror". The "Chu" or "Chu Berry" name is entirely unofficial; Conn never called these saxophones by that name.

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Feature table Here is a table of some of the mechanical aspects of the various saxophone models and how they differ from each other. Model names I am not going to recite a complete list of all Conn saxophone model names here; the objective is to clarify same perhaps rarely used proper names or frequently used incorrect names. Conn called the saxophones that followed the New Wonder models the "Standard" model.

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New Wonder For New Wonder models, the format should look like this: Thanks to Pete Hales for creating saxpics. Split bell keys X X X. Nail file G key.

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Buy one of his calendars here. In spite of persistent rumor to the contrary, Dr.

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Produced between and approximatelyConn called these simply "New Wonder". Also, I am reliably informed that Mr. I myself am not a saxophone expert; for more information please see the Conn section of the Sax Pics conn saxophone serial dating.

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From what I understand the so-called "Transitional" models differ mostly from either New Wonder or Standard datings in engraving. After probably they were renamed "Artist".

Conn Saxophone recognition guide

This is the model number. There is no Naked Lady model. In saxophone circles these are often referred to as either "M" models or "Naked Lady" models q.

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M This line consists of two parts: Logically, of course, something can only be called "transitional" cooke and ct hook up a historical perspective.