How do you hook up an iphone to a projector How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad for a Presentation

How do you hook up an iphone to a projector, an overview of what’s to come

Connect the adapter to the iPhone.

Find out which adapter you need

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and the suggestion. Thx for the suggestion, however unfortunately nothing happened for me.

Before the upgrade I used to have flawless projection in the classroom using the dock connector to vga adapter.

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It includes an attached cable; that connects to the Apple TV one less cable to buy. Some will project fine directly connected to a projector through a VGA cable and adapter. The first requirement is not difficult to overcome since there are alternative ways to bypass not having access to Wi-Fi in a classroom or conference room. I have an iPad 2, apple tv and airport express.

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Once done, your iPhone will be connected to the main system of the projector. I think I will purchase a iPad air.

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HI, I am a teacher and would like to use my IPad 2 as a camera and then project my papers and examples as I am writing. Most of the time he is giving his presentations where there are no Wi-Fi connection or a network.

So, if you want to present with the iPad, but are not sure where to start. Comments Thank you for your blog. If an app doesn't display video or play audio The app might not be compatible with your adapter.

How To Connect the iPad to a Projector

I am a retired teacher classroom and inspirational instructor from the old school who loves to use visual representation of the material I am covering. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated! As discussed before if your presentations have music, just plug a mini jack cable to an external speaker device here.

Most adapters have an extra Lightning connector or pin Dock connector, so you can charge your iOS device while connected to a secondary display. Just plug and play.

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Welcome and thanks for sharing your insights. It can be used to convert and connect other HDMI devices e.

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Then plug the USB connector into a power source. Hi I am a teacher and I have ipad mini and want to connect ipad to overhead projector and there ia no wifi or apple tv. Now the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch should appear 2 on your TV, display, or projector.

Use AllCast

What do you think? How to connect the iPad to the Apple TV and how this device can help you engage with your audience.

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How to Share a Presentation from an Android Phone. I understand this how do you hook up an iphone to a projector not work with the keynote app. To create a wireless network, I like to use and recommend to other Apple gadgets. When you open the application, it will scan and show you nearby devices that it can connect to.

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Remember your goal during a presentation is to think about your audience and delivering value to them, and not about equipment failure or getting hacked. Look into the app Reflector. The airport express is a great add on to an AppleTV and projector setup.

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Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to if dating were a diary selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Hi, I work for the government, I have a user who would like to use his iPad, iPhone to give presentations. Love to hear what free african dating sites uk find.