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Judging the Authenticity of Photographs. Range 48, to 56, Fill in your visites below or dating an carte to log in: A woman might hand out or mail a carte with her picture on it to friends and relatives. The following looks at the different kinds of mounted photographs, including how to judge their age.

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Backgrounds Until the late s the background was either void or consisted of only a chair, small table, or other object which the subject used to steady themselves. Duryea was an American daguerreotypist who opened a studio in Adelaide in The complexity of imprint is another factor in dating a card. This list comes from the U.

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A later amendment allowed for 1 cent stamps to be used. The s mounts are typically thinner than the s mounts which are typically thinner than the s and later mounts. A large list of photographs and photographers each with an estimated date A-Z list of dated photographs. Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln and famous theatres actors were popular subjects.

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One concept to keep in mind: Ll dating mount thickness changed over time, with the earlier ones being thinner than the later ones. But generally they were close in size, partly due to the standard size of album slots. The stamps often have a cancellation date.

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This card has rounded top corners, but square bottom corners. While most mounted photographs were cabinet cards, stereoviews and cartes de visite, examples can be found in many other sizes.

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Wells and his son Milton, both photographers:. Grantand carte de visite dating celebrities of the era became an instant hit in the North. Albumen stereoviews were produced from the s to the s.

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But now, the consumer could buy several copies of a picture, and share them with friends and relatives. Carte de visite printer.

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Some had several lenses, which could be uncovered either individually, or all at the same time to give 4 or 8 photographs on the same plate. Large oval photographs held in frames with bubble concave glass were popular in the late s and early s. Photographers started offering copying services in the s and s as cameras and lenses improved in quality.

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Also notice that there is little in the background behind the young soldier. Your email address will not be published.

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Most s cartes will have gelatin-silver prints with more black and white images. When in doubt, a cabinet is more likely to be from the s than the s. In trying to establish dates for some cartes I have concentrated on the three most useful features - the design, the number, and the date where given.

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