Dating edison records Announcement

Dating edison records

Nonetheless, I went to our Diamond Disc collection today because curiosity got the best of me.

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They were called Diamond Discs because the Edison player for them used a Diamond Stylus which was very unusual at that time. The purpose of this is to permit the edging operation to take place on the un-finished blank at any temperature by adjusting the machine to conform to the standard.

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Edison Cylinder by number or date Sept 5, 5: And are Edison's first commercially available record. Non-collectors who come across Edison discs characterize these records by their thickness.

Some of the First Diamond Discs

Also found this on Tim Gracyk's website: Many failures and very few that come out. He knows Rick and I if you decide to call him so you can mention our names. The Model B came out in October But on another design variation, a record number was added.

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The last digit is the dating a girl in my college class, the first set is the month. With more and more records being produced by more and more manufacturers, it remained so that only discs manufactured by Edison could be played on his machines.

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This is a celluloid indestructible record dating from about or so. Victor and most other makers recorded and played sound by a lateral or side-to-side motion of the dating edison records in the record groove, while in the Edison system the motion was vertical or up-and-down, known as "hill-and-dale" recording, as used for cylinder records.

Edison Records

Subsequent developments in the brown wax duplication process made churning out these early cylinders easier: Columbia placed an ad in the Soap Makers' Journal for a practical man to work with metallic soaps.

Our Present ones are Eisler, the manufacture of which has been discontinued. Diamond Discs were incompatible with ordinary disc record players, the disposable steel needles of which would damage them while extracting hardly any sound.

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My First Diamond Disc Hi everyone! The reamer consists of a twisted tapered and eight fluted tool. Views Read Edit View history.

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Retrieved from " https: It was not until mid-decade that he reluctantly ceded control to a younger generation. InThomas Edisonwho had previously made only cylinders, entered the disc market with his Diamond Disc Phonograph system, which was incompatible with other makers' disc records and players.

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The radius for Edison styli is 3. Their quality was soon greatly improved, and by about the cylinder was clearly losing this early format war.

Edison Record Questions

There is no shellac in a Diamond Disc, unlike in Victor discs. Look hard for the 52, dating edison records.

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ByEdison started using hydrated alumina in place of acetate of alumina. Edison was steadfast in his method of recording on discs dating forums uk the sound should be at the bottom of the groove. Also in the index are the classical and semi-classical 80, and 82, records.

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I notice that the edge of some of the records have numbers embossed thereon and then filled with some material that is white in color. Introduced in December this one has some special non-standard features like the gently closing lid support and spiral crank, most likely not coming from the factory.

Edison Gold-Moulded Cylinders (1902–1912)

Then, beginning in mid, paper labels were used on Diamond Discs. The record industry boomed.

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The pantograph had mechanical linkage hooking a recording stylus to a reproducing sylus, and springs, and weights used to keep tension between the two. This combination produced audio fidelity superior to any other home record playing system of the time. Crinoline cloth of specifications given under "Tests", are cut into a trapezoid Paper Products Dept.