Victoria dating kpop Victoria: f(x) Member Responds to Rumors that she's Dating Chinese Actor Yang Yang

Victoria dating kpop

Lee Hi teases about 'My Star' for her full album release. I know about celebrities who could learn a thing or two from Victoria X. Someone who understands you, doesn't ask for your understanding, and someone who doesn't understand you, doesn't need your understanding. I just dont get it, why does she have absences even if shes dating when beakhyun and taeyeon dated.

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She added, "I will take care of Song Qian Victoria's birth victoria dating kpop. By Manthan Chheda Sep 08, Subscribe Sign up for our free weekly newsletter for the latest in-depth coverage!

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The follow-up question was, "Aren't there fans who victoria dating kpop that you and Yang Yang are actually a couple? The year-old K-pop artist reportedly announced during a workshop on Wednesday Sept.

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Yang Yang left and f x 's Victoria have been romantically linked since April. As long as everyone is happy, I am happy. I'm shocked at first, the "romantic" thing, I thought there are gonna be a dating rumor abt her, and it actually turns out my Vic is dating with her fans xD. Both sides had remained quiet about it, but Victoria finally opened up about it a bit during an interview with Chinese media outlet, Jinghwa Timesreleased on April Minho's starring movie 'Grandmother Gye-Choon' to start playing on May 19th.


A Pink thank their fans on their 5th anniversary with 'Wave'. However, I also have a side overflowing with aegyo like seen in variety programs.

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What do you think of Victoria's post? This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. The musician received a series of hateful comments from Chinese netizens shortly after the link-up and even threatened to take legal action against those responsible for the malicious remarks.

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I know about celebrities who could learn a thing or two from Victoria. During this interview, she talked about the premiere of her upcoming movie, ' My Sassy Girl 2 ,' and more.

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No offense allkpop but nobody cares about Victoria article When asked if she had a sassy side to her in real life like her character, she replied, "There's a wild side in reality. A scandal could or could not arise. Park Shin Hye shares her honest thoughts about dating casual dating new york marriage.

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Discussions from allkpop Forums You let Song Qian sleep warmly. Yesung says 'Here I Am' in his newest teaser.