Wires needed to hook up subwoofers Installing a DIY Car Amplifier

Wires needed to hook up subwoofers

And if you don't have a capacitor, your lights and accessories are going to flash every time the bass hits.

Step 1: Parts

Yerboogieman author Reply Check this out - it's a bundle, has everything you should need to do the job. The gain knob isn't a "volume" knob by any means.

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Passionfruit author Reply KaptainK1 author adamk48 Reply I had a few times when I needed to jump my car: Can any of fm radio antenna hookup help me.

What I have done is wired the speaker output, into the rear speakers. Lastly, connect the battery cable to the amplifier.

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A gain knob should usually never be at it's full position. This is the amplifier charging the huge capacitors contained inside.

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I will show you how to do this with an aftermarket head unit stereo. If anyone can help me with the wires. I left my bazooka watt amp powered on for several days with the jeep sitting and it still cranked right over Jeep ftw.

You want to choose a speaker and amp that put out the most power, without blowing each other.

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Put the speaker in the box, making sure the flimsy thin gasket thing is on it. Strip best dating site status insulation off of the wire at the end where the battery is. Shows you how to add an amplifier and subwoofer to any car stereo without changing out your stock car radio saves money.

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Disconnect the battery before working on any electrical parts of your car that involve bare wires or connectors; a mis-connected lead could result in a damaged relay, blown fuses, or damage to your computer, which could be quite costly to repair. If you are ready to get a loud car, get a 5 channel amp and some crossovers if your speakers and tweeters are separate.

Introduction: Installing Subwoofers in a Car

If you have a power antenna, you will have to splice into the blue wire for use with the amp too. Make sure you check your fuse box to see if there are not any burnt fuses if there are burnt fuses you might have problems with the amplifier like it won't turn on connected to the subwoofers. If there are 2 wires, there should be one labeled Amp. Mostly I did my wire needed to hook up subwoofers system into the rear speakers not only because I did not want to spend more time in wiring it to the radio, I was unsure on the connection to do it on, because I have an older model aftermarket radio that is already tied into a CD changer.

There's nice ring connectors and even new battery terminals you can buy and sometimes come with the amp kitthat make the battery connection much more solid, and looks better too.

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Connect the power cable from the battery into the spot on the amp that has one of the following markings do not connect it to the speaker positive: It takes the high level speaker voltage and drops it to a low level signal the amplifier can process. This wire tells the amp that the stereo has turned on, and that the amp should too.