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Can you imagine trying to land a date with someone—who's not the baby's dad—while pregnant?

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I find pregnant women to be very sexy. Since your hormones are raging, you might cry for no apparent reason I know I did!

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I felt so stupid and betrayed!! There seems to be a stereotype out there that women who choose single motherhood are, well, single.

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I pregnant and dating someone new pregnant ladies. You definitely hit the nail on the head!!

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He asked me out to dinner. While pregnant focus on your unborn child because if one man rejects you, your emotions will go crazy. It has nothing to do with the fact that I need anyone and that I would put me and my child in a terrible situation just so I can say I have someone else in my life. However I don't think the time is during pregnancy.

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That's not what freaked me out it was the smoking while she was pregnant that did. Sorry but this really sickens me.

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Im gonna go for it, but i just dont know what im allowed to do and whats appropiate! And eventually that will happen. I would love to hear from both sides of the coin.

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Well look where that got me OP I myself have not had a child, and you are still yourself. You know what they say, "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" I don't know if a cousin or boyfriend is what will make it good but beating her to death for being a little scared isn,t right.

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I woudlnt date a pregnat chick or a woman with a kid. If they were still really close I would be wondering if they were going to get back together and whatnot.

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Maybe if you meet someone you can connect with. I don't understand women who think they always needs someone. I however went through the same thing when I was about 17 weeks pregnant, but with a guy who didn't already have a child.

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My advice would be to wait until after your child arrives. You are having a baby when you yourself should still be being pampered in your eyes