Dating meet her friends Top 10: Things Her Friends Will Notice About You

Dating meet her friends, become a better man

Does this make me anti-social?

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I her friend want to hang out with her friends. Sometimes they're cool, but usually its a lame time. But I would never push my guy into meeting my friends before he was ready.

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It depends what kind of friends she has, If they are like her, and I liked her personality. If it doesn't work out with her maybe I can hump one of them. Original speed dating questions a lot, and getting closer to success.

To just go out drinking with a couple of her friends, that's fine, but all the "couples" shiz just sucks and I'd rather not do it like "let's rent a cabin on the lake with Suzy and Joe" Fuk that! PDAs can be a touchy point when you are meeting her single friends.

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I have a lot of datings meet. Posted April 20, 0. Originally Posted by moodoo.

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Ideally, meeting the friends and family might take place after a couple of months. I was there for HER not them.

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You might not know how she behaves around her friends, what they talk about, or what kind of humour they engage in, so you should pay close attention to the first few minutes of conversation and get a sense of what is considered appropriate. That's the way it was with my gf.


There's nothing wrong with letting your friends determine whether your potential dachshund dating is good enough for you!

Lots of people have friends, and its natural to want your friends and partner to get along.

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Your friends can be some of your harshest critics and so make sure you give your relationship a chance first, before introducing them to your panel of judges.