My dad is dating a girl younger than me MODERATORS

My dad is dating a girl younger than me, mumsnet talk

Now I haven't met the new woman but I am really trying to think positively, try to see that she is bringing him happiness, and to be as genuine as I can.

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I wanted to get anonymous advice. Love and companionship can be found in unlikely places sometimes.

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You don't have to have a certain type of relationship with him. It's not my concern to evaluate how they'll be perceived and whether they'll be able to "land a good catch.

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I know my mom is going to be upset and I just hope she's able to understand that I'm not going because I in any way applaud his decision, but because he's a grown man and he's my father. There is something quite stomach-churning about it, but ultimately it is his business who he has a relationship.

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I'd say Flower's latter category pretty much sums me up. It's even possible you admire the guy for his achievements and are proud to either stand by him or learn from him to achieve your own life aims.

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Could you try to just be friends with this woman? It would be foolish to invest too much time and effort getting to know her or bonding with her.

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Both apparently doing bloomsburg pa dating other some good? They were that one in a million, Lily-and-Marshall sort of story.

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You have the relationship with your father that you want. I got stuck on this for a long time too.

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Ludways I've no problem with age gaps, but when your DF starts a relationship with someone younger than you, it's a bit different than if it's just friends.

Otherwise, you'd be happy for him now, not creeped out.

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I'm sorry for all the turmoil you're having to deal relative dating 1, Mia. Maybe this is the biggest mistake your dad will ever make in his entire life -- but it's his mistake to make. After reading about your parents' breakups and reunions, I don't know how you could possibly describe them as soul mates and the ideal of "true love.

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Please do come back and tell us what he says once you've 'had a word with him'. Show messages Add a message.

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While all this rings true, there must be a reason for me finally coming to terms with the age of my father's girlfriends. Best of luck to you. Wasn't for me, that's why I said that's what I would do.