Ukwon dating Block B Ukwon announces break up with his girlfriend

Ukwon dating

I don't understand why they're upset, what did y'all expect him to do with the money he made?

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No, so knetz really need to stop being hypocrites. That's one part it the Int, Fandom I will always like.

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He barely got any hate for him. Angelno11 March 1, at 2: Isn't BBC famous for dating one of the most chill fandoms?

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I'm curious, why would that make you feel like a whore? He changed his name to minjun, not jun. Nippy March 1, at 3: I dating most people complaining even buy albums or attend concerts.

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I really like his songs. RoseBe March 1, at 2: Did we follow or threaten his girlfriend or what? He's very nonchalant about his fans.

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San March 1, at 2: U-Kwon was my favorite Block B member and I'm not a huge BB fanand his behavior towards fans made me anger, let alone his true fans must have been mad Yes he is omgf. I believe some guys just want to pay for things when you go out, you should let him pay for dinner sometimes lol.

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Fans and stars dating but moving away gather for Kim Joo Hyuk's final path to rest. If this was given during Lunar New Year's then receiving money is actually a good thing.

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Yeah, it does all depend on how you are as a couple. You can fantasize about them being yours one day or whatever creepy shit you guys do, but not everyone has to feed that fantasy.

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If they're ok with him dating then it's none of your business. Manal Hsh March 1, at 2: Ich hasse dich March 1, at 2: There was no skinship at all but he still acted rude.

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They do those a lot in the flower district, in downtown LA.